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Surgical split on carpal tunnel syndrome

A multicentre randomised trial found patient reported functional measures improved whether surgery was performed or not for carpal tunnel syndrome (n = 116). Although surgery gave significantly greater improvement at 6 and 12 months compared with splinting (for 6 weeks minimum), the differences were modest (0.4 on a 1–5 point scale). MR imaging, performed in half of the cases, did not usefully predict the outcome. Carpal tunnel syndrome management remains uncertain. However, initial wrist splinting might seem justified, since 60% of the non-surgical patients were managing without surgery at 12 months.

Dostoyevsky mouse cured of epilepsy

A Fo Ben prefers human research as there aren’t nearly so many mice in clinic as there once were; however, the Myshkin mouse (after the character from The Idiot who, like Dostoyevsky, had epilepsy) has a tale worth telling. It carries a mutation rendering the normally expressed Na+, K …

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