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Carphology by A Fo Ben

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Once more unto the breach…

Breech presentation complicates 3–4% of deliveries—potentially prolonging and complicating labour—but does it increase the risk of cerebral palsy? A Norwegian study confirms a significantly increased risk of cerebral palsy compared with term vertex presenting infants (relative risk 2.98). There are potential confounders, however: for example, birth defects are three times more common in breech deliveries. The accompanying editorial observes that vaginal breech deliveries have fallen from over 20% (1996) to only 10% (2005) following the ‘Term Breech Trial’ but with consequent de-skilling of the obstetric workforce. Nowadays, only the most experienced obstetricians should manage mothers presenting in breech but too late for caesarean delivery.

CSF biomarkers in Alzheimer's disease

Can we predict progression from mild cognitive impairment (MCI) to Alzheimer's disease? A multicentre international consortium assessed 750 people with MCI, 529 with Alzheimer's and 304 controls: those developing Alzheimer's had lower Aβ42 and higher P-τ and T-τ levels in …

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