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Inter-ictal psychosis: who's at risk?

How distinct is inter-ictal psychosis from schizophrenic psychosis? A Japanese study of 285 adults with epilepsy and interictal psychosis showed psychosis beginning a mean of 14 years after epilepsy onset—earlier in those with generalised epilepsy, those with a psychosis family history, and those without learning difficulties. Temporal lobe cortex structural changes are well recognised in schizophrenia; similar changes were evident here in those at highest risk of psychosis. Seizure frequency is notoriously difficult to quantify but these findings suggest that personal vulnerabilities (and possibly seizure related damage) are more important than long epilepsy duration.

Suicide and antiepileptic drugs

Attempted or completed suicide while on antiepileptic drugs is thankfully rare—1.9 per 1000 patient years. The US Food and Drug Administration …

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