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Helping a B.I.T. for T.B.I.

Amantidine is not as commonly used as an agent to promote recovery following traumatic brain injury (TBI) in the UK as it appears to be in the USA. A multi-national placebo-controlled trial in severe TBI, 4–16 weeks following the event enrolled and randomised 184 adults. Amantidine was associated with a faster recovery at 4 weeks (p=0.007) with the advantages most pronounced for patients enrolled later (as both groups saw improvements over time). These data are promising; however, A Fo Ben awaits the results of more prolonged studies. Functional outcomes, such as independence, may be more meaningful for patients and families.


A new sphere of knowledge

Over 300 years ago, William Molyneaux posed the following question to his friend and fellow philosopher, John Locke: Would a blind subject, on regaining sight, be able immediately to recognise visually an object previously known only by touch? Considered at the time to be a thought experiment, Molyneaux's question formed the basis of a century-long debate …

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