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Carphology by A Fo Ben

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Good news for Easter egg bingers

John Paul Leach of Glasgow challenges his students to name any condition that cannot be helped by exercise: athlete's foot, shin splints, tendonitis and paroxysmal exercise-induced dystonia are answers only provided by smart alecks. However, should dementia also be on this list? A study of almost two million adults aged 40 years or older showed that underweight people (body mass index <20 kg/m2 is seriously skinny) had a 34% increase in dementia compared with those with a healthy weight. Curiously, the lowest dementia risk was in the heaviest, surviving correction for the increased mortality in those who are morbidly obese. Is the nation's love of gluttony and inactivity going to be a natural cure for the dementia boom? Sadly, A Fo Ben somewhat doubts this.

Lancet Diabetes Endocrinol

Style from substance

Vogue, Carphology is not. However, while A Fo Ben …

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