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CARPHOLOGY by Rajendra

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Clever vegetarians

Higher IQ at the age of 10 years is associated with an increased likelihood of being a vegetarian at the age of 30 (odds ratio for one standard deviation increase in childhood IQ score 1.38). This is the finding of a prospective British national cohort study of 8170 men and women aged 30 years. IQ was assessed by tests of mental ability at age 10 years and vegetarianism was self-reported at the age of 30 years. The findings remained statistically significant after adjustment for social class (both in childhood and later), academic or vocational qualifications, and sex. So clever children are more likely to become vegetarians, rather than vegetarians being more likely to become clever.

BMJ, doi:10.1136/bmj.39030.675069.55 (published 15 December 2006).

Fallers, falls and fractures

Most systematic reviews conclude that the evidence is insufficient to support an intervention, or that trials are of poor quality. This one on preventing falls in elderly people in care homes and …

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