Table 1

Neurostimulation and devices and the conditions in which they can be used

Supraorbital stimulationVagus nerve stimulationTranscranial magnetic stimulationOccipital nerve stimulationSphenopalatine ganglion stimulationDeep brain stimulation
Device nameCefalygammaCoreSpringTMSPulsante
Acute migraine attacksX
(with and without aura)
Prevention of episodic migraineXXXXX
Prevention of chronic migraineXXXXX
Acute cluster attacksXXXX
Prevention of episodic cluster headacheX✓*XXXX
Prevention of chronic cluster headacheXX
(studies ongoing)
(prevention of chronic intractable TACs)
(prevention of chronic intractable TACs)
  • *Usefulness may be dictated by length of episodic cluster bout; if bout lasts <3 months, it may be difficult to assess as treatment may take this long to have a clear effect.

  • TAC, trigeminal autonomic cephalalgia.