Thank you to our reviewers 2016

The editors would like to publicly acknowledge the people listed below who served as reviewers on the journal during 2016. Without their efforts, the quality of the journal could not be sustained.


Ahmad, Kate
Ahmed, Fayyaz
Allen, Christopher
Anderson, Neil
Angus-Leppan, Heather
Appleton, Richard
Bain, Peter
Brown, Jerry
Burn, David
Carson, Alan
Chancellor, Andrew
Chataway, Jeremy
Cock, Hannah
Coles, A J
Cooper, Paul
Davenport, R J
Davies, Nicholas
Davies, Rhys
de Silva, Rajith
Doherty, Colin
Duddy, Martin
Foley, Peter
Giovannoni, G
Gregory, Ralph
Hadden, Robert
Hilton-Jones, David
Hughes, T
Husain, Masud
Ingle, Gordon
Irani, Sarosh
Joseph, Fady
Kane, Nick
Katifi, Haider
Kidd, Desmond
Lachmann, Robin
Lawden, Mark
Leff, Alexander
Leschziner, Guy
Lewis, Simon
Lhatoo, Samden D.
Lueck, Christian
Manford, Mark
Manji, Hadi
Martin, Roswell
Matharu, Manjit
Mcdermott, Christopher
McKevitt, Fiona
Mead, Simon
Morris, Huw
Morrison, Karen
Mumford, Colin
Nicholl, David
Nicholl, David
O'Neal, Angela
O'Sullivan, Michael
Ossenkopele, Rik
Patterson, Victor
Pennington, Catherine
Pickrell, Owen
Pinto, Ashwin
Pritchard, J
Punter, Martin
Rajabally, Yusuf
Rakowicz , Wojtek
Reading, Paul
Reilly, M
Reuber, Markus
Rohrer, Jonathan
Rosser, Anne
Rossor, Martin
Rugg-Gunn, Fergus
Samuels, Martin
Scolding, N J
shorvon, Simon
Simister, Robert
Sinclair, Alexandra
Sisodiya, Sanjay
Stern, Jeremy
Talbot, Kevin
Thomas, Bejoy
Thomas, Rhys
Turner, Martin
Walters, Jon
Wehner, Tim
Werring, David
Whiteley, William
Wiles, Charles
Wood, N
Zeidler, Martin
Zeman, Adam

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