• Encephalitis lethargica: could this disease be recognised if the epidemic recurred?
    Joel A Vilensky, Sid Gilman
    Charles Warlow
  • An “isodense” (on CT) meningioma
    J G Heckmann, A Dörfler, A Farrall
  • Kenya
    E O Amayo
  • Anosmia: a response
    Christopher H Hawkes, Mussadiq Shah
  • Parry-Romberg syndrome
    Jon Stone
  • Nepal
    Anil Pandit, Amit Arjyal, Jeremy Farrar, Buddha Basnyat
  • A “glioma” that was cured
    Jeffrey Gawler
  • POEMS syndrome
    Rachel Caswell, Thomas Warner, Atul Mehta, Lionel Ginsberg
  • The dropped head
    Howan Leung, Andrew CF Hui, Richard Kay