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Parkinson's disease

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Embedded Image DG Grosset, KA Grosset, MS Okun. , Parkinson's disease. 2009 pp 000; London: Manson Publishing £ 000. ISBN

This book is a comprehensive review of what we know about Parkinson's disease. I have to say I liked it. The sheer volume of material that is published on Parkinson's disease is almost impossible to digest and stay up to date with. So this succinct summary of the important points in the literature is very welcome and should be of particular value to specialist neurology registrars and consultants who are not movement disorder subspecialists. Indeed, I may insist that registrars coming onto our movement disorders service read this book, preferably before they start.

The book is packed with important facts and very useful summaries of the various areas of the literature. Some might not like the factual and annotated style, but I did. Those who want to read dense prose can do so elsewhere but this book contains what you need to manage patients in the clinic.

There is an introductory chapter …

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