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February 2013 - Volume 13 - 1

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Cover image Immunofl uorescent Light Micrograph of astrocytes, with other neuroglial precursor cells, cultured in the laboratory. These cells constitute the non-conducting special connective-tissue in the brain. This tissue is known as neuroglia (“nerve glue”). Star-shaped astrocytes (light green) perform a function of supplying nerve cells with nutrients, and may store nerve information. Other cells here are busy forming into different types of neuroglia nerve-support tissue. Cell nuclei stain blue. Immunofl uorescence is a staining technique which uses antibodies to attach fl uorescent dyes to specifi c tissues and to molecules within the cell. Magnifi cation: x200 at 35mm, x375 at 6x4.5cm.

Credit Nancy Kedersha/UCLA/Science Photo Library