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Neurosciences on the Internet:
  1. Rustam Al-Shahi
  1. University of Edinburgh Department of Clinical Neurosciences, Western General Hospital, Crewe Road, Edinburgh EH4 2XU. Email: ras{at}


If you already use the Internet every day, or even if you just want to get started, the easiest place to begin browsing is with a user-friendly guide to the best information. The daunting number of websites that you might find using a search engine (Al Shahi 2001) – and their uneven quality – has created the need for equivalents of a Which consumer guide. These collated sources of information are now themselves vying for our attention. So, which website should neurologists use in their quest for any type of information about the neurosciences, and set as the homepage on their browser?

Although many academic departments of neurology collate a set of useful links to other neuroscience sites on their own website, only websites dedicated to this purpose have the resources necessary to achieve this task comprehensively. The best of these is Neurosciences on the Internet ( So what does this site

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