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Beware the Tilted Pelvis
  1. Carl Counsell
  1. Department of Medicine and Therapeutics, University of Aberdeen, Polwarth Building, Foresterhill, Aberdeen, UK; Email: cec{at}


I had had low back pain for a number of years, but, in common with the vast majority of the 40% of the UK population who experience similar pain each year, I had ignored it. Gradually, however, it had worsened and, once it started to interfere with my cycling, I decided to see a physiotherapist. Her assessment proved enlightening if a little disconcerting. I was told my pelvis was tilted forward, my back posture was poor, and my paravertebral muscles were in spasm. The exact cause of the pain was unclear but I was given a range of exercises to perform, which I tried to do as best I could. Unknown to my consultants I hope – I was still a trainee at the time – most ward rounds were spent trying to ‘untilt’ my pelvis whilst standing by the patients’ beds.

Things improved a little although I was disappointed not to

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