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Azathioprine and the neurologist


Neurologists are very familiar with using corticosteroids and are aware of their considerable risk of adverse effects with prolonged use. Thus, we frequently consider alternative immunosuppression or corticosteroid sparing agents. However, unlike other specialties, such as rheumatology, there are few indications for corticosteroid-sparing agents in neurology and so our experience is less extensive; even these indications may reduce further as more disease-modifying treatments become available for neurological conditions. Azathioprine is perhaps the most commonly used corticosteroid-sparing agent in neurology. This review aims to remind neurologists of important aspects of azathioprine prescribing, focussing on enhancing patient safety and clinician confidence in its prescribing.

  • biochemistry
  • clinical neurology
  • liver disease
  • medicine
  • myasthenia
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