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  1. Phil E M Smith,
  2. Geraint N Fuller

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‘The people of this country have had enough of experts…’

This extraordinary quotation is from a British politician who most definitely is not a neurologist, and certainly not a reader of Practical Neurology. Readers of this journal love experts, and particularly those who think critically about what they do, and can distil their knowledge so that we, the jobbing neurologists, can make this expertise available to our patients. Experts are sometimes characterised (unfairly) as knowing a lot about a little, about those rare diseases that we rarely see in the clinic.

Dementia is very common and all too often the diagnosis is relatively straightforward, particularly for more established disease. But having made the diagnosis what should we do next? Tony Bayer shares his expertise in the management of patients with dementia and highlights a range of simple and low-tech interventions that can help both the patient with dementia and their family (page 296).

Stroke …

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