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Young-onset stroke complicating ulcerative colitis


A 16-year-old girl developed a proximal occlusion of the right middle cerebral artery during a flare-up of acute ulcerative colitis. Although mechanical thrombectomy led to successful middle cerebral artery recanalisation, she required an immediate second thrombectomy due to reocclusion of the same arterial segment. She developed a second ischaemic event 7 days later despite intravenous heparin infusion, later switched to low-molecular-weight heparin, and a third event after 3 days despite the addition of aspirin. We discuss stroke risks in people with inflammatory bowel disease and the uncertainties around anticoagulation and antiplatelet regimens in such cases.

  • stroke
  • cerebrovascular disease
  • medicine
  • MRI
  • cerebral blood flow

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