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August 2022 - Volume 22 - 4

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Cover image: Figure 3 Plastic posterior leaf spring ankle foot orthosis. Cheap so likely to be kept in physiotherapy or orthotics stock for same day supply. Modest stiffness limits effect in stance. Safe for patients to buy from internet. Assumes ankle rests in neutral position. Figure 5 Elastic foot lifter. Only helps in swing phase. Safe for patients to buy from internet. Works best with lace up shoes. Figure 13 Turbomed ankle foot orthosis. Worn outside shoe, said to facilitate sports and high activity. TurboMed Figure 14 Contracture-correcting ankle-foot orthosis. Strong springs in joints beside ankle give powerful dorsiflexion force, but accommodates to voluntary or involuntary plantarflexion, unlike a rigid plaster cast. (see Kirker S, et al. page 312, 313, 315).