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  1. Abby Wright-Parkes
  1. Association of British Neurologists, London, UK
  1. Correspondence to Abby Wright-Parkes, Association of British Neurologists, London, UK; Abby.Wright.Parkes{at}

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What we have been working on:

Workforce: developing new ways of working

We have a crisis in workforce that is only going to increase and impacts our services directly. We need to better understand the new models of working being used in some areas, and support services in developing alternative ways of working to competency, not to job title.

  1. We are currently surveying physician associates and advanced nurse practitioners in UK to look at their roles and remit, support and how model works alongside other staff that is, impact on workforce. The report is due by the end of 2022. Outcomes: the aim will be to define roles and produce guidance on how to model these roles as part of the workforce—what they can and cannot do; how to support—physician associates neuroscience network overseen by ABN/faculty of physician associates, for example, and how to enhance career progression, which is an issue in terms of retention and career …

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