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  1. Phil E M Smith,
  2. Geraint N Fuller

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Just as the victor in a Roman Triumph was reminded of his mortality by a slave whispering ‘Momento mori’ in his ear, so practical neurologists must remember that all scientific knowledge is provisional. Novel findings, as published in traditional academic journals, have a higher chance of being revised by subsequent reports than reviews in Practical Neurology, which aim to be further from the front line of science. Some subjects seem to be constantly moving, so when is the right time to review a subject and bring us all up to speed? Genetic testing for epilepsy is changing rapidly with increasing access to genetic testing. Owen Pickrell and Andrew Fry provide a practical guide to current testing, whom to test, what to look for and why it is useful (page 111). Remarkable progress, given that the first single gene epilepsy disorder was …

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