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  1. Phil E M Smith,
  2. Geraint N Fuller

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Neurology is a specialty that deals with the diagnosis and management of neurological disorders. In the past, the emphasis was very much on the diagnosis element, putting this in metaphorical upper case, while clinical management was in lower case, perhaps in brackets and maybe in a smaller font. Rendered thus: DIAGNOSIS and (management). But this balance is changing, not just with the greater availability of new treatments but also in our approach to conditions that may have many fewer specific therapeutic options. Yee Yen Goh and colleagues review multiple system atrophy (page 208), providing a very practical approach, describing the disorder, highlighting when to think of it and how to make the diagnosis. They then spend almost half of their paper discusses management of the myriad of symptoms that patients might experience.

Nitrous oxide is the second most commonly used …

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