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Does the Anatolian Traditional Family System Create Different Acceptance Patterns in Women and Men with Neuromuscular Conditions?
  1. Piraye Serdarođlu
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Anatolia is a land of contrasts. Sun and snow, the rough Black Sea and vivid but peaceful Mediterranean, old and new, traditional and modern traits all determine its colourful nature and lifestyle. And it has been the cradle of many cultures, civilizations and religions. The latest state founded on Anatolia, sometimes known as the peninsula of Asia Minor, is the republic of Turkey, which also annexed a small part of Europe to itself and so is the only country spanning two continents.

The vast majority of the population in the Republic of Turkey is Muslim, the rest are Christian and Jewish. But Anatolia, with its amalgam of cultures, has a unique and mild interpretation of Islam, which is reflected in its social life. The effects of religion and the remnants of premodern society in rural areas, as well as in the suburbs of big cities, encourages large families with their

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