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Practical Neurology an International Effort


Correspondence to the Editor

Practical Neurology aims to be international – full of practical advice, instructions even, for neurologists practising anywhere in the world, written by neurologists and others from anywhere in the world.

There are no international boundaries in medicine, neurology patients are much the same the world over. A first tonic-clonic seizure in Birmingham (England or Alabama) is no different to one in Porto, or in Nairobi. But the way we deal with it is, because of huge differences in our health care systems – different traditions, different organizations and different resources available to us. In Birmingham, England, the patient is taken to the Emergency Department and seen by a general internal physician, whereas in Porto there will be a neurologist on hand, because Portugal has far more neurologists than the UK. In ‘old’ Europe we all have easy access to the standard anti-epileptic drugs, and often the new and

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