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  1. Leila Akhmadeyeva
  1. Bashkirian State Medical University, 3 Lenina St., Ufa, 450000, Russia, E-mail: medic{at}


Bashkortostan is a republic in the Russian Federation with a population of 4.1 million people (2.7% of the population of Russia). It is situated in the very eastern part of Europe in the southern part of the Ural mountains, on the border with the Asian part of Russia. The area of Bashkortostan is 143 600 sq km, which is 0.8% of the area of Russia. Bashkortostan is beautiful, with rivers, lakes, mountains and forests. It is a multiethnic republic but most of the population are Russians (39%), Tatars (26%) and Bashkirians (22%). The main religions are Islam and Christianity. There are 54 regions and 21 cities. Ufa is the capital city.


All medical services, including neurology, can be obtained by any resident of the republic free of charge. There are two main sources of funding: the State Foundation of Compulsory Medical Insurance (the money comes from

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