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Mentoring Trainees in Neurology
  1. C. M. Wiles, Professor of Neurology
  1. Department of Neurology, School of Medicine, Cardiff University; E-mail: wiles{at}


A mentor is variously defined as a wise, experienced and trusted counsellor, or a more senior and experienced colleague who helps advise a junior employee (emphasizing a prominent role in the commercial world). Also the words ‘tutor’ and ‘trainer’ are used. There is an anecdotal literature about medical figures of the past (including neurologists), who their influences (mentors) were, and who in turn they influenced. Indeed, many will recall senior figures from their own neurology training who made a personal impact for good or for ill, with whom they associate achievement and learning, or a desire to emulate. But these heroes who so influenced practice or career prospects may have been unaware of it, or have done so unasked! If such people were really mentors, it was in a very informal sense.

The present public climate for medical practitioners has provoked a more formal approach to mentoring which may easily

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