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How Good at Neurology are you? – Questions
  1. Andrew Chancellor
  1. New Zealand


1. Consider the following case.

A 67-year-old man presents with at least 2 years of painful numb feet. His body mass index is 26. A 10 m walk takes 8 s, unaided. Routine inquiry and investigations for common causes of neuropathy, including random blood glucose are all negative. Electrophysiological examination reveals a chronic axonal polyneuropathy. Which of the following is false?

  1. An oral glucose load should be given to detect impaired glucose tolerance.

  2. Hypertriglyceridaemia, not linked to diabetes mellitus, is associated with chronic axonal polyneuropathy.

  3. Recent reports support a role for anti-ganglioside antibodies in chronic axonal polyneuropathy.

  4. Taking a detailed occupational history may reveal a relevant history of exposure to solvents or lead.

  5. Quality of life is significantly affected.

2. Concerning pergolide - which of the following are true?

  1. Nausea and hypotension are the most common adverse effects.

  2. Pergolide associated valvular heart disease

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