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Steak and Stupor: seizures and E. coli O157 infection
  1. Sherri A Braksick,
  2. Jennifer M Martinez-Thompson,
  3. Eelco F M Wijdicks
  1. Department of Neurology, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota, USA
  1. Correspondence to Dr Sherri A Braksick, Department of Neurology, Mayo Clinic, 200 First St SW, Rochester, MN 55905, USA; braksick.sherri{at}


Neurological complications of haemolytic uraemic syndrome (HUS) include altered states of consciousness, seizures, ischaemic stroke and encephalopathy. Adult-onset HUS is uncommon, and there is only a limited literature reporting neurological complications in this population. We report an adult with Shiga toxin-associated HUS complicated by focal-onset non-convulsive status epilepticus, who made a full neurological recovery.

  • hemolytic uremic syndrome
  • status epilepticus

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