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Neurocysticercosis: diagnosis via metagenomic next-generation sequencing


A 68-year-old Brazilian woman had 3 months of progressive fatigue, difficulty walking and 18 kg weight loss. On examination, there was gait apraxia and executive dysfunction. MR scan of brain showed communicating hydrocephalus and a cerebrospinal fluid showed 105 white cells/µL (≤5), predominantly lymphocytes, protein of 1.35 g/L (0.15–0.45) and the glucose content of 0.06 mmol/L (3.3–4.4). We suspected an infective cause and used of metagenomic next-generation sequencing to diagnose neurocysticercosis. This case highlights the challenge of diagnosing chronic meningitis and the relevance of genetic approaches in diagnosing neurological infections.

  • CSF
  • GAIT

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