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published between 2014 and 2017

  • What is the risk of PCP in patients with neurological disease?
    James B Lilleker

    I thank the authors for highlighting this difficult topic with a very thought provoking article.

    In immunosuppressing a patient with neurological disease, as with anything a physician does to a patient, there are potential risks to take into account and to be weighed up against the proposed benefits. Indeed, this sort of "cost-benefit" analysis is a central tenant of decision making in much of life outside of me...

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  • Superb Book
    Roger L. Albin

    This is a superb book that deserves to be better known, at least on my side of the Atlantic. In addition to Barker's outstanding depiction of WW1 Britain, the sympathetic and revealing exploration of the physician- patient relationship is peerless. Interested readers should know that Regeneration is the first book in a trilogy, though neither is quite as good as Regeneration. The second book, The Eye in the Door, is qui...

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