Table 2

The triptans

TriptanPeak serum concentrationHalf-lifeUsual dose (maximum daily dose)Cost (per tablet)
Almotriptan1.5–2 h3.5 h12.5 mg (25 mg)3.0 GBP (12.5 mg)
Eletriptan1.5–2 h4 h40 mg (80 mg)3.8 GBP (40 mg)
Frovatriptan2–4 h26 h2.5 mg (5 mg)2.8 GBP (2.5 mg)
Naratriptan2–3 h6 h2.5 mg (5 mg)3.8 GBP (2.5 mg)
Rizatriptan1–1.5 h2 h10 mg (20 mg)—same recommendation for rizatriptan melt4.5 GBP (5 mg)
Sumatriptan2–3 h2 h50–100 mg (300 mg)0.3 GBP (50 mg)
Sumatriptan subcutaneous12 min1.9 h6 mg (12 mg)21.2 GBP (per injection)
Sumatriptan intranasal1–1.5 h2 h10–20 mg (40 mg)5.9 GBP (per dose)
Zolmitriptan1–1.5 h2.5 h2.5–5 mg (10 mg)3.8 GBP (2.5 mg)
Zolmitriptan intranasal15 min3 h5 mg into one nostril, once (10 mg)11.0 GBP (per spray)
  • Drugs listed alphabetically. All doses apply to the oral route, except where otherwise specified.

  • GBP, pounds sterling.