Table 1

Commissioning data for setting up a rapid-access MS service*

Population characteristics
Prevalence of MS(per 100 000 population)
 MS (all disease courses)165.0
 Relapsing–remitting 66.0
 Secondary progressive71.0
 Primary progressive16.5
Sex ratio (female: male)2.45:1
Relapse rate0.37 per patient per annum
Estimated clinical activity per 100 000 population/annum
Number of new consultations seen in rapid-access clinic32
‘Did not attend’ rate1
Relapses confirmed in rapid-access clinic18
Patients treated with corticosteroids via rapid-access clinic17
Referrals to allied therapy from rapid-access clinic8
Inpatient admissions from rapid-access clinic0.5
Facilities required
Facilities▸ 1 outpatient consulting space 
  • ▸ Access to day-case/inpatient beds

  • ▸ Space to perform extended walking assessment

  • ▸ Access to electronic records including clinical imaging

  • ▸ On-site pharmacy dispensing

  • ▸ 1 administrator to triage referrals

  • ▸ 1 experienced clinician

Rapid-access to therapies allied to neurology (eg, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, continence advisor)
  • *Data based upon Cardiff and Vale population, current in August 2015.

  • MS, multiple sclerosis.