TableĀ 1

Mandatory visual function measurements

Visual acuityTest each eye separately for the best corrected (with glasses) distance visual acuity, using either Snellen's or logMar chart.
Use a pinhole to record improvement after correcting for refractive error
Colour visionTest each eye individually with pseudoisochromatic plates, such as Ishihara's plates
Pupil examinationTo exclude a relative afferent pupillary defect and oculosympathetic palsy (Horner's syndrome)
Visual field assessmentAssess visual fields (either a Humphrey's or Goldmann's), as confrontational visual fields picks up only gross defects
Dilated fundus examinationDocument optic nerve head AND macular findings. This is important to exclude intraocular inflammation causing bilateral disc oedema. Ideally assess using a slit lamp.