Table 2

Verbatim responses of the patient when asked to identify exemplars from a battery of sound effects

Sound effectResponse quotationCorrect?
 TelephoneBell, buzzer… telephone?Yes
 Door opening + closingFireworks, chainsaw… felling a tree?
 Cash registerNo idea
 Crowd talkingCrowded roomYes
 Dentist's drillThe edge of a jungle
 Water pouringFlushing toiletClose
 Pneumatic drillRoadworks… jackhammerYes
 TypewriterTap dancerClose
 Car engine + wipersFactory floor
 Gentle wavesThunderstorm
 ThunderLouder thunderstormYes
 Fog (horn)No idea
 LionNo idea
 Cockerel crowingChicken… cock to be preciseYes
 GorillaHorse? Heavy breathing animal… could be any animalClose
 HorseNot any inkling whatsoever
 Whale songElephant