Table 1

Myelopathy chameleons

Myelopathy masquerading as….Mechanism….
StrokeBrown-Séquard syndrome with predominant unilateral weakness
Motor neurone diseaseInfiltrative myeloradiculopathy
Lumbar polyradiculopathyExercise-dependent symptoms resembling lumbar canal stenosis or conus lesion with predominant LMN signs
Brachial neuritisMonomelic presentation of an intrinsic or very high cervical cord lesion
Acute polyneuropathySpinal shock
Chronic polyneuropathyIncomplete evolution of a sensory level or masking of myelopathy by a neuropathy (dual pathology)
Restless legs syndromeNocturnal leg spasms
Metabolic myopathyExercise-dependent symptoms
Peripheral vascular diseaseExercise-dependent symptoms
Osteoarthritis (hip, knee, lumbar)Misinterpretation of history
  • LMN, lower motor neurone.