Table 3

Differential diagnosis for progressive supranuclear palsy other than Parkinson's disease.

Clues to diagnosis
CBSEarly asymmetric akinesia, apraxia, dystonia, myoclonus
MSAPredominant autonomic features, cerebellar signs
FTDPredominant behaviour features, marked atrophy
NPHSupportive imaging findings
Vascular diseaseSupportive imaging findings, vascular risk factors
Structural lesionSupportive imaging findings
Rare genetic mimicsYoung age of symptom onset, relevant family history
DLBHallucinations and fluctuations common
ADDisproportionate memory impairment, hippocampal atrophy on MRI, suggestive CSF biomarkers
  • These differential diagnoses may cause abnormal eye signs, but lack the distinctive selective vertical gaze palsy and slowing of PSP and the other characteristic clinical face and limb signs of PSP.

  • AD, Alzheimer's disease ; CBS, corticobasal syndrome; DLB, Dementia with Lewy bodies ; FTD, Frontotemporal dementia ; MSA, Multiple System Atrophy ; NPH, Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus ; PSP, progressive supranuclear palsy.