Table 1

Forms of N2O used for recreational use and their current online cost

ContainerExample brandsQuantityCanister equivalentPrice per item online
Standard canisterProWhip, Liss, iSi, Mosa, iSi-Sparkwhip, Best Whip8 g1£0.20–£0.60
Double canister (less common form)Best Whip16 g2£0.60–£1.80
Standard cylinderSmartwhip, Fastgas, Cream Deluxe, Greatwhip580–640 g72.5–80.0£25–£35
Entonox (50% N2O, 50% O2)BOC Ltd350 L≈350 g N2O~44£24*
500 L≈500 g N2O~62.5£33.50*
  • *Entonox is not for sale to the general public and is sold to healthcare facilities. The street value of Entonox is unclear.