Table 1

Supportive clinical features6

Supportive motor featuresSupportive non-motor features
  • Within 3 years of motor onset evidence of:

    • Rapid progression

    • Moderate to severe postural instability

    • Severe speech impairment

      • Defined as occasional need for repetition during interview

    • Severe dysphagia

      • Defined as dietary modification required

  • Cranio-cervical dystonia induced or exacerbated by L-dopa (without limb dyskinesia)

  • Unexplained Babinski sign

  • Jerky myoclonic postural/kinetic tremor

  • Postural deformities

  • Stridor

  • Inspiratory sighs

  • Cold discoloured hands and feet

  • Erectile dysfunction (<60 years old)

  • Pathological laughter or crying