Table 5

Disease-specific outcome measures in autoimmune neuromuscular diseases

ConditionEstablished disability measureMCID
Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathyMRC sum score*58 ±2 points
CIDP-RODS†59 60 ±4 points (logit scale)
Vigorimeter (kPa)‡61 ±8 kPa
10 m timed walk (s)62 ±28% change
ONLS60 63
Other neuropathy
INCAT†64 ±1 point
Berg balance scale†62 ±8 points
ABC balance score†65 <50%: low function
Tremor scale†66
Myotonia behaviour scale†67
Multifocal motor neuropathyMRC sum score*58 ±2 points
Vigorimeter (kPa)‡61 ±8 kPa
MMN-RODS†68 ±4 points (logit scale)
ONLS60 63
Inflammatory myopathyMRC sum score*58 ±2 points
Timed up and go 3 m walk (s)69
CK±30% change
HAQ Score†57 ±15% change
Physician global activity assessment70 ±20% change
Patient/parent global activity assessment70 ±20% change
Manual muscle testing71 ±15% change
Myasthenia gravisMG composite†73
MG-ADL Score74 ±3 points
Respiratory function, for example, forced vital capacity±10% change
  • *At our centre, measurement of first dorsal interosseous is added to the standard six pairs of muscle groups, to better reflect the pattern of weakness in neuropathy.

  • †Validated.

  • ‡Responsive.

  • ABC, activities-specific balance confidence; CIDP, chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy; CK, creatine kinase; HAQ, health assessment questionnaire; INCAT, inflammatory neuropathy cause and treatment; MCID, minimal clinical indication of change; MDAAT, myositis disease activity assessment tool; MG, myasthenia gravis; MG-ADL, myasthenia gravis activities of daily living; MMN, multifocal motor neuropathy; MRC, Medical Research Council; ONLS, overall neuropathy limitations scale; RODS, rasch-built overall disability scale.